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Official Support Vehicles

support_vehicle.jpgAll support vehicles are provided, including First Aid and Radio Contact points. There are many Radio Points situated throughout the ride. Advise them if there are issues that need to be dealt with.

Please ensure you put all medical details on the entry form as with this information the medics are able to give you the best available care should it be necessary.

Make sure your ride number is attached to the front of your bike, as it is your ticket to free support.

Our support vehicles are there to pick up broken bikes and/or tired riders. The drivers of these vehicles are not there for mechanical repairs - they have no tools. You must be self sufficient.

If the weather turns bad follow the instructions of the support convoy personnel – they know the High Country very well and they are there for your welfare.

Private Support Vehicles
No private support vehicles are permitted. This keeps the dust and flying stones to a minimum for the rider's safety and comfort.