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The Weather

The ride takes you over Island Saddle (alt. 1365m). At this height the weather can change very quickly and dramatically. Take note of the ideas suggested below.

The first Rainbow rage was held with a head wind and rain the whole way. It was very cold so be prepared for that and even snow. Since then, mostly, we've enjoyed more favourable conditions but the weather can change very quickly and dramatically.

2009 saw the weather turn from a beautiful day at the start to very cold head winds and rain by the finish.
Many riders were found to be unprepared for the conditions. (A couple of riders even left their jackets at the start as the day seemed so nice - BUGGER!)
As a result there were several cases of mild hypothermia at the finish.

If the weather turns bad you are to follow the instructions of the support convoy personnel - they are there only for YOUR welfare.

Compulsory Gear List

  1. Rain & Windproof jacket.
  2. Survival Blanket.
  3. Food & Drink.

There will be random Compulsory Gear checks on the start line. Any rider found without the compulsory items will be removed from the start and not allowed to proceed. This is not negotiable.

Things to have, wear and carry

If you come across a fallen rider, use the rider's blanket on him/her. Keep Your blanket for You, just in case.


You must have at least two full water bottles or a 2 litre drink system when you start. The running rivers are a good source of extra water. There will also be a water station part way up Island Saddle, 59km into the ride. Drink at least every 15 minutes.


Most people take over 6.5 hours to complete the RAINBOW RAGE so be prepared with plenty of food to eat. Eat/graze the whole way through the ride - don't stop to have all your food at once.


This is an adventure ride so you are expected to be self sufficient. Carry the tools neccessary to keep your bike going. If in doubt ask your favourite bike shop what tools to take and how to use them. Have your bike serviced before the event.


You can expect to meet traffic anywhere along the ride. This is not a closed route - SO - don't cut corners, keep left and stay under 50km/h at all times.
The closer you get to Hanmer, the more the traffic will increase, especially on the Jacks Pass descent into Hanmer. You can expect to meet cars, motorbikes, horses, even low-flying aircraft - SO STAY AWAKE.


If you must stop at any time, for whatever reason, make sure you leave your bike on the side of the road in full view. This is very important as this way the support crew will not leave anyone behind.

Ride Numbers

Please ensure your ride number is attached to the front of your bike, as it is your ticket to free support and the only way the medics can identify you in case of an unfortunate accident.


Timing is all being done with transponders. These mount to the front axle of your bike. There are instructions on how to mount them. If unsure just ask one of your neighbours in the start area to show you or come to the registration desk.

Good Gear Ideas..


At the start line you can throw any jackets or whatever you have been wearing to keep warm while you wait for the start off to the side. These items of clothing will be taken through to Hanmer for you and will be available near the 'Help Desk' in the Domain later in the day. (Any clothing left after prize giving will be donated to St Vincent de Paul, Red Cross or the like).